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Commercial Security Systems are Digital Security Solutions for any property that is not a basic “lick and stick” home system.

We provide Commercial Security Systems for companies in a variety of industries including: trucking/logistics, oil and gas, gaming, industrial, multi-family/multi-tenant properties, office towers, retail, hospitality, and AGLC businesses.

types of our commercial security solutions:

Elevator Security Systems

These include security cameras in the cabs and card access control so the card holders can only access the floor they are permitted.  

Traditional Commercial Security Systems or Intrusion Alarm Systems

These are using DSC systems that include motion or people sensors to monitor areas where there shouldn’t be anyone.  

Below are the types of sensors included with our systems: depending on certain needs:

Door and window sensors: to monitor doors and windows when opened.
Flood or moisture sensors: to notify if there is a leak in a sensitive area.
Smoke, heat rise or fall sensors: to be notified of a fire or heater malfunction.
Cooler sensors: if a cooler stops cooling.
Glass break sensors: good if a storefront window gets broken
Perimeter or line crossing beam sensors: great for long-distance detection.
Ground pressure sensors pads: for high-security areas that would be your 2nd line of defense if somehow the intruders got past your perimeter sensors.

Card Access Control Systems

These systems control who can access what door and when. These very secure systems include the main controllers, card readers, and key tags, remotes or cards.  They are great for gates, doors, elevators and can also be used to clock in and out to help eliminate time fraud. We use CDVI, Farpointe, Canadian Keyless Solutions, and others.

Intercom and Phone Entry Systems

These are used in multifamily and high-rise buildings. We use Mircom and AIphone as our intercom suppliers


CCTV Surveillance Security Cameras

The name varies throughout the industry as traditionally CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) would be used as a guard station and VHS tapes… now we commonly say Security Cameras, or Surveillance Cameras.

We use various suppliers and brands including Axis, Unview, Avigilon, Canadian Surveillance Solutions, and others.

Commercial AI Security Cameras

Are used to detect people, faces, license plates, colors of clothing, hair, backpacks, masks, and even weapons. This is a game-changer but also more expensive and sometimes requires special licensing.

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