Building Cable is an important component of every building security installation. Our expert technicians provide the proper high quality cable, and the proper conduit to protect wiring for security systems from intended or non-intended damage

We will NOT "Free Wire"

Eagle Eye Pickup Truck with boxes of cable in the back.
Over 24,000 feet of access control cable fits inside our truck perfectly!

We never compromise on quality with the products we provide for our clients, and the installation of building cable for the purposes of security is no exception.

Protecting the integrity of security cabling is very important. Eagle Eye Security does NOT “Free Wire” cable.

We have pulled and installed thousands of feet of data and access control lines, protected by conduit pipe and colour matched conduit pipe whenever possible.

Many of our competitors do not use conduit to protect their security wiring from intended or non-intended damage. As a result of this practice among our competitors, 20% of our business involves fully rewiring faulty cable installations with full conduit so the client can be assured that their system will not fail again. The lesson to be learned here is, if you are getting security installed, make sure that the job quote includes conduit where required.

Our conduit running veterans have over 30 years of measuring, bending and setting all sizes of conduit to make sure that the security systems we install have cabling that is properly protected.

Another reason Eagle Eye Security Solutions IS a proven leader in digital security!
Our clients get high quality installation, high quality commercial grade products, excellent tech service and free over-the-phone or online support.