CCTV is a type of surveillance camera that is crucial for any security system. We have the best-qualified surveillance camera installers in Alberta and British Columbia.

For residential and business, if you are looking to add Closed-circuit television (CCTV) Security Cameras to your security setup there has never been a better time than now

CCTV cameras are an integral part of almost any security system

Variations of this type of camera continue to improve over time and with regard to their connections with other security technologies. Enhancements in the form of new features and improvements to existing features up the ante when it comes to making your security system more effective as a deterrent and more.

Some features that make these systems work well for security are capabilities such as being able to reproduce colour in low light situations. Obviously, the ability of a CCTV camera to capture the actual colour of the clothing worn by someone breaking into your shop could be the difference between that person being identified and caught or getting away with a crime.

Thermal vision capable CCTV cameras can identify heat signatures given off by humans, animals and vehicles. This provides a way to see activity in dark areas that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Many CCTV cameras have Adaptive Infra-Red capabilities to help enhance image quality.

Wide dynamic range in newer CCTV cameras can pick out details in well lit and areas of darkness in the same visual area, which is a feature most traditional cameras do not normally have.

Through the use of advanced video algorithms, CCTV cameras can help identify everything from walking patterns, suspicious objects, and the person doing the walking and/or placing the suspicious objects.

Overall, CCTV cameras have become increasingly able to assist security personnel in the identification and interruption of security breaches as they’re occurring or before they happen. This is due to the fact that they can be integrated with alarm systems, monitoring devices, and access control devices.

When it comes to visual identification and recording of many security-oriented situations CCTV cameras are an integral part of almost any security system. Contact us today and get a free quote on top quality security equipment and service.

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