Local Security Companies I What Makes Eagle Eye Security Solutions Standout

Eagle Eye Security Solutions

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There are some security companies like Liberty Security and Vivint Canada that mainly do residential-door-camera type of systems or lick and stick alarm systems. Other companies like Palidan Technologies and The Surveillance Shop install mostly commercial and industrial enterprise systems.

With Eagle Eye, we focus mainly on commercial and industrial digital security solutions. We also do residential, but we hardwire all our security cameras and we install commercial-grade winter-rated security systems, so you get what you pay for. We are not the cheapest, but we are priced fairly for the quality of security system installation and after installation support and training.

At Eagle Eye we have heard loud and clear what our clients want. Mostly they want the best security technology at an affordable price and they really like the fact we are a local security company, and we respond to service calls quicker than others – within 24 hours.

We also have an affordable ongoing service agreement for property managers and condo boards to assist them with adding and deleting residents from their phone entry mircom systems, adding and deleting keyfobs from their keyless access control systems and assist the property management and police with security camera surveillance footage for criminal investigations.

Our clients want secure app software for their mobile devices and for some still wanting to use a desktop or laptop computer. For most entry-level and standard security systems we offer, the apps are free to use.